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Lutticken's (Stanford)
Lutticken's (Stanford)
269 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305
Starts accepting orders tomorrow at 7:30 AM

Lutticken's (Stanford)

269 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305

Lunch Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting. With two locations, one in Menlo Park and the other on Stanford's Campus, Luttickens Delicatessen has turned the lunchtime dining scene on its ear with its massive selection of made-to-order sandwiches, convenient location, open-air seating and ultra-reasonable prices. Luttickens has grown from a popular lunchtime spot to a near sensation, routinely impressing with delicious menu items and a unique vibe that perfectly parallels the diverse South Bay demographic.

Perhaps its our unbelievably fresh and flavorful sliced sourdough or the premium ingredients we insist on using in all of our sandwich creations, but time and again students, faculty and customers in general continue to return to Luttickens in order to enjoy some of their favorites from our much-talked-about meatball sandwich to our chicken parmesan, roast chicken breast and the multitude of toppings at the ready to fully finish your sandwich off.

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We even offer a roster of breakfast items for those stopping into Luttickens before the lunch rush from the healthy, such as nonfat cottage cheese and fruit salad, to classics such as bagels and egg sandwiches brimming with pepper jack cheese and ham or bacon.

On those cold and rainy days, try one of our warming, hearty soups a customer favorite, our mushroom variant is bursting with a variety of mushrooms in our savory chicken bouillon. And, possibly most unique of all of Stanfords dining choices, Luttickens serves up a barbecue every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer months. Under our charming tent, grab a freshly-grilled burger, hot dog or even turkey burger if youre so inclined, and enjoy the included bag of chips. Need we say more?

Our repeat customers often speak of Luttickens being the best sandwich place ever but theres a fundamental reason why were consistent with our food and service: We strive for the most premium, whether that be ingredients of the highest quality, employing a fun and friendly staff or offering products at very reasonable prices. Thats the Luttickens difference. Now experience Luttickens for yourself! Visit us at one of our two locations today!

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